30 Oct 2014
TSRGD 2015 - the impact on you

11 Nov 2014
AccsMap training

12 Nov 2014
AccsMap user group

3 Dec 2014
ParkMap user group

31 Oct 2014

AccsMap 5.2 now available!
Download it from our website user area
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New TSRGD: DfT/IHE roadshows
1, 7, 9, 15 & 20 May, & 9 June
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SignLoad Pro 3.05
An upgrade for the UK's most widely used sign structure software
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Buchanan Hosting
Private Cloud service goes live.
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For over 20 years Buchanan Computing has been the leading developer of software for traffic and highway applications in the British Isles. Our innovative products work individually or together to meet the requirements of engineers, police officers, safety specialists, maintenance departments, enforcement operations, sign manufacturers and legal teams.



Announcing SignPlot & SignLoad 3.1
Updated versions of SignPlot and SignLoad Professional may now be downloaded from our website user area.

SignPlot 3.1 introduces a visual and intuitive way to edit map-type signs - just drag arms and connected junctions to make any arrangement of straights and curves. Plus multi-page PDF output is now included.

SignLoad Professional is built into SignPlot but is also available separately. It is by far the UK's most widely used sign structure software. Version 3.1 has many new support sections to choose from (including more posts with door openings for electrical connections), plus the many enhancements introduced in the interim version 3.05.

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