18 Feb 2015
TSRGD 2015 the impact on you

26 Feb 2015
TSRGD 2015 the impact on you

3 Mar 2015
Northern Software user group

4 Mar 2015
TSRGD 2015 the impact on you

1 Feb 2015

TSRGD 2015 Sign Design
SignPlot 3.2 caters for the new 'Regs'
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Improved traffic order management
ParkMap 6 now available
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AccsMap 5.2 now available!
Download it from our website user area
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SignLoad Pro 3.05
An upgrade for the UK's most widely used sign structure software
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New ParkMap and 2015 TSRGD software
We are delighted to be the first company to release software for the requirements of the 2015 TSRGD. SignPlot 3.2 has the new formats and wordings of parking plates, new Chapter 8 temporary signs, new symbols and 20 other enhancements.

ParkMap 6 has a faster data structure, 'non-order' items (for bus stop clearways and measures in 2015 TSRGD not needing a traffic order), grouping of orders into schemes and improved labelling.

More information: SignPlot 3.2 ParkMap 6

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