11 Jun 2014
AccsMap special interest group

18 Jun 2014
ParkMap special interest group

16 Sep 2014
Signs and Lines user group

17 Sep 2014
SignPlot training

21 Apr 2014

SignLoad Pro 3.05
An upgrade for the UK's most widely used sign structure software
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Buchanan Hosting
Private Cloud service goes live.
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New microsite for TraffWeb
See our new web mapping portal
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AddressBase for TraffMap
Finding places made even easier
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For over 20 years Buchanan Computing has been the leading developer of software for traffic and highway applications in the British Isles. Our innovative products work individually or together to meet the requirements of engineers, police officers, safety specialists, maintenance departments, enforcement operations, sign manufacturers and legal teams.



New TSRGD: DfT/IHE roadshows
Buchanan Computing is the IHE's corporate supporter for this series of workshops on the proposed 2015 TSRGD. We have assisted with the planning, organisation and publicity, and Simon Morgan will chair all six roadshows:
Birmingham: 1 May
Cardiff: 7 May
Exeter: 9 May
London: 15 May
Leeds: 20 May
Cambridge: 9 June

Link to IHE flyer and booking form

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