10 Jun 2015
AccsMap Special Interest Group

24 Jun 2015
ParkMap Special Interest Group

15 Sep 2015
Signs and Lines user group

16 Sep 2015
SignPlot Public Training

18 Apr 2015

Traffweb site live for 2 police forces
Joint system for casualties, cameras, etc.
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2015 TSRGD delayed
Regs not being laid this Parliament
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TSRGD 2015 Sign Design
SignPlot 3.2 caters for the new 'Regs'
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Improved traffic order management
ParkMap 6 now available
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For over 20 years Buchanan Computing has been the leading developer of software for traffic and highway applications in the British Isles. Our innovative products work individually or together to meet the requirements of engineers, police officers, safety specialists, maintenance departments, enforcement operations, sign manufacturers and legal teams.



Traffex/Parkex 2015

Please come and visit us on stand Z2 at Traffex - in our usual place immediately on the left as you enter the hall.

We have lots of exciting new products and services to show you, including many more options and new clients for software hosting and web-GIS. We can manage your systems, for you to access from anywhere.

Buchanan Computing Ltd 2015